“People who make impact in the lives of others are like precious ornaments that are rare to find. Their humble beginnings sometimes never reflect how great they will become later in life.” -A.G.O.

Birth and Early Life

The news of the birth of a baby in Africa is usually greeted with shouts of joy, musicand dance. Mothers beaming with smiles after a safe delivery, Fathers thumpingtheir chest and having a sense of fulfillment that they are now “Certified Fathers”,thanks to the obvious proof of the cries from the baby. This was the same scenariothat played out for Janet Ngozika Ogbuigwe when she was born. She was bornon the 7th of August, 1929 to Pa Frederick Morka and Madam Esther OnyenwunimenjoOhen. Her Father, Pa Morka was a Catechist of the Anglican Church whileher mum was a Resourceful Trader and Home-maker per excellence.As it is common with trail blazers, Jane Ogbuigwe started showing signs of leadershipfrom a very tender age. What would have marred the life path of quite a largenumber of growing kids when they suddenly loose any of their parents, broughtout the grit and tenacity in teenage Jane when she lost her beloved mum at age16. She mustered all the courage and strength she could and ensured that she putthis behind her and with God’s help, she rose to the occasion by not letting thissad episode to take its toll on her. She immediately took up the mantle of caring forher father and her siblings upon the demise of her mother. This singular act of herslend credence to the words of Robert Schuller that says “tough times never lastbut tough people do”. She stepped up to the moment. Suddenly she found herselfplaying the role of a mother and home maker to her siblings and father. She ensured that the rhythm of theirfamily life was not disrupted by the loss of their mum and in doing so earned the moniker “mummy”, the nameshe was called by her father and siblings throughout their lives.

Her Educational Pursuit

Mum’s quest for Education was total and she pursued her academics tenaciously. She had her primary educationat various missionary schools. She dutifully completed her Standard six and proceeded to St. Monica’s TeachersTraining College in Onitsha. She went on to bag her Teacher’s Grade II Certificate at Anglican Teachers TrainingCollege in Igbudu. Not done with her academic foray, she went on to enroll in several sandwich programmes atthe University of Nigeria, Nsukka and the Headmasters Institute programme coordinated by University of Beninwhere she eventually obtained an Associate Diploma in Education.

Focus on the Home Front

Born to a father who was both a teacher and an Anglican catechist, Jane grew up under strict Christian principlesand no wonder became a strict disciplinarian herself. She was a firm believer in ‘spare the rod, and spoil the child’.She was not shy to use the cane when and where necessary, neither was she slack in instilling discipline in herchildren. Mummy was an icon. From the cradle she wore her children the toga of Christianity, leading them in theway of the Lord, a path which we cherish to this day. Groomed by her parents on the Christian principles of love,compassion and giving, she threw her doors open not only to the extended family but to as many as were needywho found their way to her doorsteps. Running a closely knit family of both her biological children and extendedfamily, hers, was a home where every one was treated equal regardless of who you are, receiving an ever flowingstream of visitors with amazing humility and hospitality. Today, she is ‘mummy’ to a vast number of persons.

A First Class Homemaker

A first class homemaker Mummy Jane was happily married to Ezinna Joseph. C. Ogbuigwe since 1952. She remainednaturally submissive and profoundly committed to him throughout the years. Theirs was a rock solidrelationship filled with love and mutual respect. The marriage is blessed with children, Sam and Vickii, Tony andAkpezi, David, Ifeyinwa and Omadeli, Ewere and Goziem, Andy and Belema, and several grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. She is indeed a virtuous woman and we rise up and call her “BLESSED”.

Work Life of an Astute Educationist

Mummy Jane was a teacher of teachers, disciplined, committed and a picture of dedication.. She was skilledin instilling discipline to the students that passed through her. She ensured that wards who showed signs ofbecoming dregs of the society were checked and put back in line to follow the right path and combined godlyvirtues in mentoring the students under her. In the course of her career as an educationist, she was a teacher,headmistress of various schools and involved in Field work as an Education Inspector. In this capacity she had tosupervise various schools under her coverage. What this Inspectorate role afforded her was that it gave her theopportunity to groom the teaching staff and heads of the various schools to provide and live by the same standardsthat she instilled in the lives of the students who are among the brightest of Nigerians to have come out ofDelta State. They remain grateful to her for that timely infusion of discipline and purpose in their formative years.Mummy retired as an Assistant Chief Inspector of Education from the Delta State Civil Service in 1985.

The Birth of Enyikokome Multipurpose Cooperative Society (EMCS)

Mama’s insatiable quest to contribute to society led her to devote her time to Community development workupon retirement with special emphasis on the welfare and well being of women and children. This eventuallyled to the establishment of Enyikokome Multipurpose Cooperative Society (EMCS) an organization she foundedin 1988. The idea for a Cooperative Society was borne out of her desire to better the lot of Rural women in hercommunity and beyond. EMCS was resolutely focused on the economic emancipation of the womenfolk. Theorganisation through her gave out Micro credits to women to the tune of 50Million naira to women in Edo andDelta State to set up Enterprises.

Conference of EMCS Stakeholders conference
Mummy Jane Ogbuigwe in her office

EMCS grew to become a frontline Non-Governmental Organization which in later years changed its name toEMCS grew to become a frontline Non-Governmental Organization which in later years changed its name toAccord for Community Development(ACD) which today operates in the entire Niger Delta region, with officesin Rivers, Delta, Lagos and Abuja. Hers was a burning desire to contribute to the Socioeconomicupliftmentof people in Delta State, especially children and women. Through her hard work and dedication she was ableto build partnerships and networking relationships with various local, national and international organizationssuch as Ford Foundation, USA, EED in Germany, United Nations Development Program UNDP, to mention justa few. These organizations have continued to provide grants to Accord for Community Development for its Micro Credit scheme and numerous programs till date. With a heart for the economic emancipation of women.Micro Credit scheme and numerous programs till date. With a heart for the economic emancipation of women.Madame Jane had through this NGO – Accord impacted on the lives of thousands of women in lka and environsthrough the micro credit scheme. Some of her achievements include:

Landmarks of Ezinne Janet Ngozika Ogbuigwe during the reign of Enyikokome

  • Construction of model modern market-Emuhu
  • Establishment of cassava mills-Abavo
  • Construction of water facility connecting different clans-Abavo
  • Establishment of 2 fish farms-Umuebu, Ukwani LGA and Ughelli
  • Upgrade of Health Centre – Obomkpa
  • Provision of micro-credit loans to over 3,000 women and petty traders around Delta State
  • ACCORD, together with various partners has disbursed over N200,000,000 as micro-credit loansto various micro-entrepreneurs in the Niger Delta region over the years
  • Training of over 3000 women on various skills acquisition programs for the enhancement of their incomegenerating capacity
  • Drilling of several boreholes in lka Land

As a result of the legacy she left behind, Accord for Community Development (ACD) has partnered with variousnational and international development agencies such as the World bank, the United Nations, Niger DeltaDevelopment Commission (NDDC), Chevron, Texaco, Shell Petroleum Development Company, and others in thedelivery of sustainable development programs in various parts of the country with emphasis on the strategic NigerDelta region. ACD today is the NGO of first choice in Rivers and Bayelsa states. It is involved in the building ofclassroom blocks; fostering a conducive learning environment in marginal riverine communities, building of jettiesthereby facilitating the linking of isolated communities to the national network. The organization has continuedto play an active role in helping communities develop strategic plans which are aligned with the millenniumdevelopment goals. After she retired from the day to day running of Accord, she continued to provide inspirationand guidance to the current management of Accord led by her son Mr. Andy Ogbuigwe, who today has takenthe organisation to the enviable heights it has attained. It is to her credit that she was able to put in place a successionplan for the continued sustainability of the organization she founded. As a result of her high reputationand achievement coupled with an impeccable integrity, she was one of the Nigerian women delegates to theGlobal Beijing Women’s Conference of 1995 in China. Which today has become a principal watershed in the economicand political advancement of women.

Contributions in the Religious Sphere

Before she founded the Accord for community Development, Mrs. Jane Ogbuigwe was actively involved in numerousprograms that promote human capacity development. She was one of the pioneers of the Young Women

Madam Jane was the Head of the Mothers Union of Asaba Diocese

Christian Association (YWCA) of Nigeria in Agbor. During her tenure as the president of the Agbor branch sheChristian Association (YWCA) of Nigeria in Agbor. During her tenure as the president of the Agbor branch sheestablished the first female hostel in Ika; the YWCA female hostel in Agbor-Obi Ika South LGA. She served at varioustimes as the secretary of the Bendel State YWCA area council and rose to become a National Vice Presidentof the YWCA between 1985 to 1994.Mummy Jane Ogbuigwe was always active in the promotion of good family values and the entrenchment ofgood motherhood which is relevant for the stability of any society. A mother of mothers, Mummy Jane served asthe Mothers Union Principal Worker from 1981 – 1996 in the then Asaba Diocese visiting all the parishes within,teaching on the values of a good Christian home, love for Christ, Capacity building in women, and the sanctityof marriage. She participated in the Lambert Conference of the Anglican Communion in London as a MothersUnion representative and in 1994 was one of the two African representatives in England to deliberate on thefuture of the MU. She brought so much zest and panache to the office the Mother’s Union Worker that a Parishin England donated a vehicle to that office, the first of its kind in then Bendel Archdiocese. Within this periodshe was also coordinating the activities of the Girls Brigade and Girls Guide in the Diocese. A committed anddedicated Christian, she contributed in no small measure to the upliftment and advancement of various marriagesand homes and provided an exemplary married life for the 58 years she was married to her spouse JosephChukwuedo Ogbuigwe until his demise in 2010.

Ezinne Janet Ogbuigwe’s Legacy Lives on

Some women transverse the Earth and leave a legacy that cannot be easily erased. Janet Ogbuigwe’s legacieslives on. Her institution – Accord For Community Development has outlived her and is soaring to greater heights. The people she has touched have wonderful stories to tell about her. Her Community and Nigeria is blessed tohave a woman of virtue and passion for uplifting the down trodden in the society…It is truly a blessing to have awoman who gave her all to developing communities. She fulfilled her purpose…Yes she did!

Membership & Positions Held

Madam Jane Ogbuigwe served in various other capacities. Everyone wanted to get at least a slice of her Midastouch.


  • She was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1978
  • Juvenile Court Judge 1977-1988
  • Secretary Post Civil War Ika Women Government Area
  • Member Ika Police Public Relations Committee
  • Member Ika Police Public Relations Committee
  • Patron Ika University Students Union
  • Founding President of Abavo Women Union-Ika
  • President Owa Women Patriotic Union
  • Member Central Hospital Management Board- Agbor


  • Secretary Bendel State Leprosy Welfare Association
  • Member Prisons Welfare Association
  • Member Society of Promoting Kindness to Animals
  • Member Refugee Welfare Committee (Mid-West)
  • Secretary Post Nigerian Civil War Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Committee, Mid-west States


  • Foundation member of the Community Development and Micro Finance. 1st female LGA Adminisrator1992-1993
  • Founder Accord for Community Development
  • Secretary YWCA Bendel state
  • National Vice President YWCA
  • Lead Worker Mothers Union (Asaba Diocese)


  • National and African delegate to 1995 Beijing conference on women
  • One of the two African Representatives at the Global Mothers’ Union Council to Heigh Leigh England, 1994

Accord for Community Development is a frontline development institution based in Nigeria.

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