Comprehensive Sexuality Education Miniworkshop in Bundu Ama and Elelenwo Communities

Comprehensive Sexuality Education Miniworkshop in Bundu Ama and Elelenwo Communities

Accord’s staff Mr. Uzezi giving a brief synopsis of the mini workshop in Bundu Ama community in Rivers state

Accord’s Development Advocacy and Gender (DAG) team carried out a mini- sensitization workshop on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Bundu Ama and Elelenwo communities in Rivers state, on 11th and 19th August 2017 respectively.

The two mini workshops brought together more than 80 youths participants to discuss issues on youths and adolescent sexuality and contraceptive use.  This activity was an effort to achieving one of Accord’s objective of addressing sexuality and reproductive health issues affecting Nigerian youths, especially in slum areas where there are critical societal issues affecting youth’s mind-set, lifestyle, choices, health and sexuality. Accord’s DAG team defined Comprehensive Sexuality Education as a life-long process of acquiring information and forming attitude, beliefs, and values about one’s identity, relationship and intimacy. To this effect, sensitization workshop on sexuality education and contraceptive use was relevant for sensitising youth living in slum communities where there is moral decadence, violence, school dropouts and high rate of teenage pregnancies.

A photo grid of youth participants of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Elelenwo and Bundu communities all in Rivers state, Nigeria.

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