Participatory Peace and Security Maintenance Programme (Peace MAP)


To Develop Participatory Peace Platforms in 3 LGAs in Rivers State and to strengthen the capacity of focal stakeholders to participate and interface in conflict mediation and management mechanisms towards improving peace and security in the 3 LGAs by  2017

 Target Beneficiaries

Community based organization’s (CBOs)

  •  LGA personnel (Chairmen, Secretary to LGAs, HPMs, Directors, etc)
  •  State Security agencies: Police, Timariv, Tax agents, paramilitary orgs, vigilante
  •  Women groups
  •  Civil society
  •  Federal Security: Army, JTF, Navy
  •  Political Parties
  •  Nigeria Bar Association
  •  Faith-based leaders
  •  Trade associations
  • Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy affairs



The Participatory Peace and Security Maintenance Program a.k.a PEACE-MAP is meant to provide a proactive and participatory platform which will serve as a veritable vehicle for the promotion, building and maintenance of peace and security objectives in River State with particular concentration in three LGAs across the state.  This project will implement activities meant to achieve the objectives of Output 1: Security and Governance which seeks to broaden societal participation in and oversight of, conflict management mechanisms at federal state and local government levels. The project will do this by improving Governance and Development through enhanced citizen participation in conflict prevention, management and peace maintenance initiatives.

The project is planned to run for 3 years and will lead to the establishment of Participatory Peace Platforms (PPP), the setting up of Peace Committees, an Early Warning System EWS, and will carry out capacity building training and workshops which will build the capacity of stakeholders to be peace promoters and peace agents in their communities. It will make ample use of the electronic and print media in the dissemination of change and values transforming mechanism which will promote peaceful resolution of conflict and bring about the stabilisation of the polity. It will adopt a participatory approach to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.


Achievement/ Impact/Change

It is also on record that the THM in Abuloma is the first of its kind where a THM will be organised for the Police to debrief a community on the importance of a police post before such is commissioned. This is meeting one of the aims of the PEACE-MAP project which is targeted at bridging the gaps between security personnel and the communities they serve.

Project Duration 

January 2013 – January 2016.

Partner (Donor)

British Council Department for International Development (DFID)/Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP)

Success Stories 

One major success of the THM in Abuloma community was the reconciliation of the community leadership with the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) over a police post that is being sighted in Abuloma Community. The post which had lingered on for over two years was discovered not to be in the records of the police headquarters when Accord team wrote to the state commissioner of police to permit the OC Community Policing to come be a resource person for the THM in Abuloma community to educate the masses on community policing and security maintenance

Geographical Location

South-South, Rivers State

Accord for Community Development is a frontline development institution based in Nigeria.

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