Y-STEP Going Forward Briefing Meeting

Y-STEP Going Forward Briefing Meeting

The meeting held on the 22nd and 23rd March, 2018 respectively at CFID office (a sister organization to Accord) was aimed at briefing the trainees on the way forward, reassure their confidence in the programme’s objective, have feedback and make first payment of their monthly stipends in cash.

The meeting, well attended, having 35 participants in attendance in day one (1) and day two (2) witnessed 38 beneficiaries in attendance had its set objectives achieved.

Core Focus of the day: Mr. Stanley Nyeche who is the Y-STEP project coordinator, soon after the initial formalities, dwelled on the core focus of the day, which includes regular attendance to trainings centres/ organized workshops, programme continuity, further payment of stipends, regards to decorum and procedures and ongoing mobilization to centres. Other key issues brought to the fore were the purpose of the ID cards to be issued and signing of consent forms.

Speaking on regular attendance to trainings, Mr. Stanley Nyeche emphasized on 75% in which further payment of stipends would be depended on. Still on attendance, he stressed on possible termination of those who consecutively failed to meet 75% attendance.

He also enjoined the trainees to exhibit decorum in addressing issues rather than being confrontational. He stressed that the best way to resolve issues is through dialogue.

On mobilizing participants to centres Mr. Stanley informed the participants that mobilization is ongoing. And soon, everyone one would be in centres. During the meeting, the participants were told on the need of issuing them with Y-STEP identity cards. Mr. Stanley told the trainees not to see the ID Cards as now working for Accord or Chevron. Hence should not misuse it. The trainees were issued with their identity cards.

Questions and Answers session: During the meeting the beneficiaries asked various questions such as: when they would all be mobilized to centres? How would they be empowered at the end of the training? What of non-completion of tuition of those already in centres? How often would payments be made? One recurring question was on how they will all be mobilized to centres. Answers were provided to those questions.

Key Activities: The key activities include:

  1. Signing of the consent forms by the trainees; both for Accord and Chevron.
  2. Trainees issued with their identity cards respectively.

Payment of stipends to the beneficiaries

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